And then it was easy.

Despite feeling like hammered shit for the first week, Round 2 has been incredibly easy compared to Round 1. Almost scary easy. Like I must be doing something wrong easy.

In Round 1, I was constantly going to the store. I spent what felt like hours pouring over food labels and the Whole30 cheat sheets to determine what I could and couldn’t eat. I was always starving by dinner and scrambling to make something easy and compliant. I dreamed of sweet lattes and felt the deprivation every morning in a physical way. (Only a small exaggeration.)

In Round 2? There’s been none of that.

Granted… I have done a few things differently. I was actually, like, prepared for Round 2. Which was a HUGE improvement over Round 1 where I was not at all physically, mentally, or emotionally prepared for what I was about to do.

I went grocery shopping prior to Round 2. I bought food in bulk and froze it to eliminate the numerous trips to the grocery store. I cooked up a big batch of sweet potato chili and haven’t had to fret over a single lunch yet.

And bonus! Manfriend took a job right across the street from Mother’s Market (which is only my favorite grocery store). It’s been super easy to just pop in there for fresh fruits and veggies. And yes, I know I just complained about how I was always stopping at the grocery store during Round 1 and, like, what’s the diff? BUT that was out of my way and a pain in the ass. Now it’s like I’m already right there!

Plus, since I’m buying fresh produce every other day or so, it’s cut way back on waste. (I’m not buying a ton of produce for the week and then throwing it out when I don’t eat it fast enough.) (Also, it’s super humid in my home and, I swear, things rot so much faster.)

I suppose the thing that’s made Whole 30: Round 2 even easier is the fact that I’m actually following what the plan intended: a whole foods diet. I’m not still trying to fit in pre-packaged foods (thus pouring over labels to find the one that’s compliant). Although my meals aren’t super creative (I’ll get there eventually), I’m eating good, healthy, filling foods.

Yes, on Day 12, I still experience energy lulls. I worry that I’m not eating enough protein (especially at breakfast) as sometimes I feel this general weakness throughout my whole body. And yeah, I struggle with the craving for, not coffee this time, but juice (WTF). Despite all that, I’m excited for the choices and changes I’m making for my health. I’m excited that it’s feeling more easy and natural. And I’m super excited for the tiger blood.

Sure, I might cry a little inside when I pass the Easter candy at Target, but those are just growing pains, right?


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