Oh, my achy breaky head.

So, it’s day 4. I know it’s only day 4, but wow! It’s already day 4! Here’s what’s happening on day 4:

1. Oh, my head. Achy since day 1 until last night when it exploded into a full-blown migraine. This did not happen in Round 1, however I also didn’t have time to stuff my face full of sugar and processed garbage before Round 1 started, so I guess I’m just paying the price for what happened the week before Round 2 began. (Oh, the horror. The sweet, sugary horror.)

2. I’m pooping a lot. Which also didn’t happen in Round 1. And which is kinda cool because I’ve always been irregular in this area of my life and a really good poop feels very cleansing. (Is that just me?)

3. I love Trader Joe’s almond butter. I ate it on a banana this morning and I swear it tasted almost like candy. I mean, not at all like candy, but almost.

4. The manfriend was living in Texas during Round 1. It was way easier to do this while he was 1500 miles away. Him being here now is a constant temptation. Don’t get me wrong- Manfriend is super supportive (despite previous juice story), but together we have bad habits. Snacks and candy while we binge watch our fave shows. Going out to eat All. The. Time. Stopping at Starbucks before going to work or church or anywhere else. Over time, I’ve started to equate food with fun and that might be my biggest problem.

5. According to Whole30, I should be past this phase of feeling like shit and ready to kill everyone around me. (Their words, not mine.) Since I’m still feeling like shit and obviously behind schedule, I can’t help but wonder if this might turn into a Whole35? I hope not. (I mean, the goal is to turn this into a lifestyle, but damn it, I want some juice!) I really hope I wake up feeling better and in a murderin’ mood tomorrow.


One thought on “Oh, my achy breaky head.

  1. Hang in there!! My experience with the timeline taught me that it’s basically junk science, but the tiger blood is aspirational. Still crossing my fingers… I hope your head starts feeling better soon. Stay strong!


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